Re-Entry and Alternative Paths into the Engineering Profession

At the 2015 NAE-AAES Convocation of the Professional Engineering Societies, AAES led a session on “Supporting Re-Entry and Alternative Career Paths into the Engineering Workforce,” delving into the importance of facilitating re-entry into the profession after an extended absence, particularly for women. It also highlighted the need to have alternate career paths for veterans, who may be entering the engineering community at a later time in their lives. Key speakers from government, academia, industry, and professional societies examined current initiatives and best practices in this area and noted that these re-entry and alternate paths need to be encouraged and embraced in order to attract and retain talent, promote a diverse workforce, and increase employer and industry competitiveness.

To take action on the Convocation discussion, AAES created a MOU that supports professional societies’ commitment to fostering one or more on-going programs targeted at addressing re-entry and alternate entry issues. Currently, seven AAES Member Societies have signed the MOU.

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