Program Committees

Working Groups are created by the Board of Directors at the request of three of more Member Societies 
to address agreed activities/issues that align with the AAES vision and mission.



AAES International Activities Committee — IntAC

Purpose: IntAC shall serve as the principle forum for the timely coordination and development of policies and programs affecting both the professional and technical practice of engineering in the international arena. Such policies may address the career concerns of engineers, the technology for developing nations, and the availability of world-wide technical information and engineering judgment on a wide range of issues. Activities will focus on initiatives associated with these issues as considered by global policy makers, coalitions, appropriate organizations and the world public at large.

Operations - IntAC shall:

a. Identify issues, programs, and policies to be addressed within its purpose.
b. Managing programs and activities that support the US engineering community; internationally, including all aspects of participation in international organizations of which AAES is a member;
c. In coordination with AAES member societies, secure funds for programs and activities.
d. Support IntAC-related initiatives by AAES member societies;
e. Form standing committees and ad-hoc task forces within IntAC as appropriate; and
f. Inform the AAES Board and Executive Committee of its activities through reports for Board and Executive Committee meetings.


WFEO Task Committee