Kenneth Andrew Roe Award Past recipients

The Kenneth Andrew Roe Award is presented on behalf of the engineering community to recognize an engineer who has been effective in promoting unity among the engineering societies.

Past Recipients

1986 Nicholas J. Radell
1987 James Y. Oldshue
1988 Robert M. White
1989 John A. White

1990 Richard W. Karn
1992 William J. Carroll
1993 Eric Herz
1994 Albert A. Grant
1995 Ernest L. Daman and Neil A. Norman
1996 William C. Salmon and Lionel Baldwin
1997 Richard Emmert
1998 David Belden and James Poirot
1999 James E. Davis

2000 Theodore W. Hissey, Jr.
2001 Wm A. Wulf
2002 James E. (Tom) Sawyer
2003 Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr.
2004 Lt. General Henry J. Hatch, Jr.
2005 Luther W. Graef
2006 Patrick J. Natale
2007 Colin Drury
2008 Priscilla P. Nelson
2009 No Award

2010 Daniel D. Clinton, Jr.
2011 Jon Nelson
2012 Dale L. Keairns
2013 Noha S. El-Ghobashy
2014 G. Wayne Clough, Ph.D., P.E. 
2015 Hon. James A. Rispoli, P.E.