AAES Sustainability Policy Statement

AAES and its Member Societies acknowledge the importance of sustainability and sustainable engineering to the present and future well-being of humanity, and the central role of the engineering profession in supporting human well-being, including protecting the natural environment. AAES is committed to encouraging and supporting its Member Societies to develop and promote practices and principles that incorporate sustainability into designs and practices at all scales, both common and large.

Sustainability is about maintaining long term social, economic, and environmental conditions on the Earth that are favorable to the existence of society.  The role of engineering is to use technology and engineering practice to make it possible to meet the many challenges facing society considering effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability. 

The projected growth of the human population and increase in consumption creates the need to provide water, energy, food, and consumer products ranging from clothing to electronics as well as infrastructure for a growing urban population, including transportation.

Engineers need to continue to sustainably: develop technology to meet basic human needs and the legitimate needs of society; develop infrastructure to support society; and address adaptation to and mitigation of changing conditions.

Note: See EFS’ white paper entitled Sustainable Engineering (starts on page 2) for more background on sustainability, including related documents from Member Societies that provide a foundation for this policy statement.

Adopted by the AAES General Assembly, April 2017